KenGriffin Battle II – Recap

KenGriffin Battle II is on the books now, and as of now, for 2 years in a row we have had 2 official meetups / competitions, and it does not look like it’s going to stop. If anything, we are considering doing more.
We were lucky enough with great weather that lead to lots of fun for a very informal event in the park.
From 2pm to 3pm we held an informal game of KEN and some jamming while waiting for everyone to show up. We used the house rule that once a trick is set, you pass the kendamas to the right. It made it really fun with comments like, mm, this is a very sticky kendama, I should go for this tricks, or the opposite… how am I going to do juggles with such a short sting!! Actually, we didn’t even counted letters, just played for fun.

At 3pm, the grace period we agreed on for more people to show up ended, so we did the 1st round of the gloken-style cup. I easily landed 12 points, which looking at it backwards, could have been 14 or 15, but I wanted to play safe.

On that first run Daniel landed 14, Lucas 13,  Harry tied with me at 12 and Leo did 11 points.

The second run of first round was very intense, everyone pushed hard to get more points and most of us did not improve our score, only Daniel pushed it to 16 points.,We also established the tiebreaker between Harry and me. Leo tried hard but couldn’t improve the 11 points of the first round.

On the final round, After Harry tried too hard for level 4 tricks and scored 18 points, I did a whooping 45 points run, which made me very happy, landing 4 level 3 and the rest level 2 and level 1 fillers. I should have landed at least a couple more level 2s, but I think 57 would have been my best possible run, so, very happy with the result.

Lucas landed 65 points, and Daniel did an amazing  104 points, including 2 level 5 and 2

level 4.
To clean up, we got a few kids interested and they played a bit, some of them landing even spikes in just 15 minutes.

And yes, there were some prizes from the sponsors: and (You rock!)

All in all a fantastic day with lots of jamming.


1 – Daniel: 120 pts (16+104)
2 – Lucas: 78 pts (13+65)
3 – Raul: 57 pts (12+45)
4 – Harry: 30 pts (12+18)


Here you can see the final rounds

KenGriffin Battle II (Irish Cup)

Date and place

On June 24th, we are having the 2nd “Ken Griffin” Battle.

Starting at 14:00 until 17:00 near the Skatepark area at Father Collins Park in Clongriffin.

You can register for the KenGriffin Battle event in Facebook. It is free to attend and to join.

The park is Ireland’s first wind-powered and sustainable public park. It has won a number of awards such as The Sustainability Award 2010, Best Public Space 2010, and Best Public Park & Best Environmentally Friendly Initiative for 2010.

Getting there:

  • You can arrive by Dart, the park is a short walk from Clongriffin Dart Station.
  • You can also come by bus. Line 15 stops just at the front of the park
  • If you prefer to come by car, there is plenty of free parking space.

The Format

This time we are going for a Gloken Style game, we could say that it is the Kendama “Irish Cup”.

The cup has a list of 50 tricks, grouped on 5 levels, each level is meant to have tricks of similar difficulty (see the Tricks section).

The cup consists of 2 rounds.

Round 1

  • Each player pick 5 tricks from the list.
  • The player has 2 minutes to try to land those tricks.
  • Each trick landed gives the player as many points as the level.
  • Then the player has a second run of other 5 *different* tricks with another 2 minutes
    The highest score of the 2 runs is your score for round 1.

Note that your maximum possible score for round 1 is 25 points.

Top 4 players advance to the final round.

Final round

  • The player has 2 minutes to hit as many tricks as he or she wants.
  • Each trick scores as many points as the level squared. That is a level 5 trick is 25 points, a level 4 is 16, etc.
  • Score for round 2 is the total of points.

The final score of the player is the sum of round 1 and round 2.

The highest score wins.

The tricks

With much lack of imagination, we are going to use the same tricklist as the Gloken Cup 2017, but only the first 5 levels (they have 12 levels)

You can print this sheet with the 50 tricks for reference:

And if you want to see the tricks performed, check out the video playlist of the Gloken cup, which goes until level 12 (remember, we are using only levels 1 to 5)


There are some prizes sponsored by and Thanks! #SponsorsRock


Irish Kendama Open 2017 – Results

The Irish Kendama Open was held on April 8th on the Dublin Circus Project and it was a standalone event for the first time in its short history.

We had 5 players, 4 joining the Advanced division and one arriving late. Beginners division was empty.

You can see the highlights of the advanced division on the recap video:

  1. Mendo: IKO Champion & Irish Champion
  2. Graeme: Runner-up (former Irish Champion)
  3. Lucas
  4. Don

And since we had some extra prizes and time for the lack of a Beginner division we decided to run a Freestyle comp (7-to-spike) on where the 5 of them participated. Which means:

  1. Lucas: Freestyle Champion
  2. Graeme: Also runner-up

And that was it for this year IKO.

Thanks one more time to our sponsors, we couldn’t do it without them.

Main Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsors

Irish Kendama Open 2017

The Irish Kendama Open goes for the 3rd edition in 2017

This event already happened, you can check the results

Event Info

The 3rd Irish Kendama Open is going to happen on Saturday, April 8th, at the Dublin Circus Project.

That’s right, the IKO is a standalone event this year.

The Irish Kendama Open is free to watch, you pay for the division you enter.

  • Beginners: 5 Euro
  • Advanced: 8 Euro

Agenda with approximate schedule:

  • 14:00-14:30: Setup, registration, socializing, gradings.
  • 14:30-15:00: Beginners Division.
  • 15:00-15:30: Advanced Division.
  • 15:30-16:00: Prizes, cleanup and Jam.

The location is easily accessible by train, which we recommend. You can travel with us from Connolly.

Any Competition size Kendama will be allowed. Bring your favourite one!

If you want to take a grading, Raul is a certified BKA examiner, we can do that any day, but this day is more fitting.

There will be 2 divisions: Beginners and Advanced.

Beginners Division

Players start at trick number 1. If a trick is completed successfully, the player moves on to the next trick in the list. Players are allowed a total of 2 misses per trick. A player’s 3rd miss on the same trick signals the end of their run.

The player who gets furthest through the list wins.

In the event of a tie, the player who reached the highest level without missing is the winner.

If the game is still tied after this, the player with less misses in total wins.

If there is still a tie, then players will compete in Moshikame, each player having one minute to complete as many catches as possible. Their run ends at the first drop, or after 60 seconds, whichever comes first.


Please note, the video also contains the tricks for BKO intermediate division which we are NOT using.

EKO 2013 Trick Ladders: Beginner & Intermediate

  • Big Cup
  • Candle
  • Moshi Kame (3 catches). (No rimshots allowed. Start from hanging.)
  • Orbit (Orbit must be around the ball, in any direction)
  • Spike (No spin on ball)
  • Flying Top (Ball must completely leave the spike)
  • Tap-back
  • Aeroplane
  • Around Japan
  • Lighthouse (Hold still for 3 seconds)
  • Falling Down (continued from lighthouse, only one try)

Advanced Division

Players compete in pairs, in a knockout system. A random trick is drawn, and the players attempt it once each. If one player succeeds and the other fails, the successful player gets 1 point. If, after 3 attempts each, no player has scored a point, a new trick is drawn.

The first player to 2 points proceeds to the next round.

In the final, the first to 3 points will be the winner.

For the early rounds, tricks are randomly selected from #1-8 on the list for the early rounds and from #4-12 for the final.


Early Rounds

  • Around Ireland
  • [One eye} Spike
  • Base cup – Stab
  • Faster than gravity
  • Lift Bird
  • Scrambled Aeroplane
  • 0-Turn Jumping Stick
  • Around Europe


  • Swirl Aeroplane
  • Lunar – In
  • Lighthouse Somersault
  • Earth Turn Whirlwind


A big thank you to all the sponsors of the Irish Kendama Open. This won’t be happening without them #SponsorsRock

Main Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsors

KEN Griffin Summer Battle

We are organizing a KEN Battle in Clongriffin on July 23rd, from 14:00 to 16:00

Obviously, the name for the meetup had to be KEN Griffin.

If you play Kendama, drop by. We will be nearby the skate park of Father Collins Park.

The area has plenty of parking space and good Dart connection. If you’ve never seen the park, it is worth a visit just on its own.


Irish Kendama Open 2016 – Results

The 2nd Irish Kendama Open is now on the books. New faces showed up, old faces showed up again which had practiced (especially Sean and Peter) and overall it was lots of fun.


Advanced Division

  1. The Void: 5 pts – IKO Winner
  2. Graeme: 2 pts – Irish Kendama Champion

Beginners Division

  1. Sean (10)
  2. Logy (8)
  3. Peter (7, 5 misses)
  4. Tony (7, 8 misses)
  5. Mercedes (6)
  6. Don (5)
  7. David (3, 3 misses)
  8. Martin (3, 6 misses)
  9. Conor (2, 5 misses)
  10. Tuathlaith (2, 6 misses)

Highlights video

1st Year Edit Competition

It is almost 1 year since I started Kendama Ireland. A lot of things have happened, so here we go for one more: Edit Competition.


A video competition. Record a video about Kendama and upload it.

  • Maximum of 90 seconds.
  • The official image for the competition must be the first 4 seconds of the video (you can modify it to include your name).
  • Post it as a comment here and/or on our Facebook page.
  • Only one entry per player.
  • If you use music, make sure you have the rights for it or use Creative Commons.
  • Do it before September 27th.
  • That’s it!


Who can enter?

Essentially anyone:

  • Irish Kendama players living in Ireland.
  • Kendama players living in Ireland.
  • Irish Kendama players living anywhere.
  • Kendama players living anywhere (*)

(*) If you are not Irish or do not live in Ireland you have to compensate it by showing some Irish love in the video. How? That’s up to you, I don’t want to limit your imagination.


The videos will be judged based on the following criteria, each one valued from 0 to 10 and all adding equally:

  • Trick Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Video Quality (nice backgrounds, good lightning, etc)
  • Entertainment Value

The Void, Mirec and myself will be judging.

The Prizes

Based on participation, there will be the following prizes:

  • A yomega plastic Kendama.
  • More than 4 videos: Add a Krom splash.
  • More than 10 videos: Add a Croix Kendama.

Prizes donated by Yoko Warburton (Craftybuddy) and Jeffrey van Reeven (dutchkendama)