1st Year Edit Competition

It is almost 1 year since I started Kendama Ireland. A lot of things have happened, so here we go for one more: Edit Competition.


A video competition. Record a video about Kendama and upload it.

  • Maximum of 90 seconds.
  • The official image for the competition must be the first 4 seconds of the video (you can modify it to include your name).
  • Post it as a comment here and/or on our Facebook page.
  • Only one entry per player.
  • If you use music, make sure you have the rights for it or use Creative Commons.
  • Do it before September 27th.
  • That’s it!


Who can enter?

Essentially anyone:

  • Irish Kendama players living in Ireland.
  • Kendama players living in Ireland.
  • Irish Kendama players living anywhere.
  • Kendama players living anywhere (*)

(*)¬†If you are not Irish or do not live in Ireland you have to compensate it by showing some Irish love in the video. How? That’s up to you, I don’t want to limit your imagination.


The videos will be judged based on the following criteria, each one valued from 0 to 10 and all adding equally:

  • Trick Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Video Quality (nice backgrounds, good lightning, etc)
  • Entertainment Value

The Void, Mirec and myself will be judging.

The Prizes

Based on participation, there will be the following prizes:

  • A yomega plastic Kendama.
  • More than 4¬†videos: Add a Krom splash.
  • More than 10 videos: Add a Croix Kendama.

Prizes donated by Yoko Warburton (Craftybuddy) and Jeffrey van Reeven (dutchkendama)