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Around Ireland

Around the… kendama tricks are combinations of cups and spike. This is the one I call “Around Ireland” which is: Small Cup ~ Base Cup ~ Spike.

Because Ireland is a small island, it makes sense that the combination is short; so are Around Japan and Around Britain.

In fact Around Ireland uses the same cups as Around Britain but in reverse order, because reasons.

Call for Videos

A while ago I posted that I wanted to do a Kendama Ireland Edit on 2015. Well, it is about time to start moving it.

Good news is, I already have some videos from the Irish Kendama Open and it already includes 6 people. Which is pretty good. I hope to have at least 3 more people.

Even better news: If we make it past 10 people, I will do a prize draw and send a Kendama to one of the participants.

So, what are you waiting for? Send me your videos to

Deadline for submissions is June 30th. You should have enough sunny days to get out and film something before that.

Free Kyu grading on March 31st

Next Tuesday (March 31st) I’ll be as usual on the Trinity Juggling Society.

As some interest in Kendama seems to have sparked, I’ll be running Kyu gradings for free to anyone that is interested (they normally cost 2.5 EUR).

For more information about gradings, check out the Tricks page on the BKA site.

You have to use an approved Kendama for the grading, but fear not, you can borrow one of mine if yours is not approved.

IKO Results

The 1st Irish Kendama Open has come and gone, and we had a great day including the rare  feat of sunshine.



We had 9 people playing beginners, 4 of them Irish and 2 for the advanced.


1. Matt      5 points <- IKO Champion
2. The Void  4 points

Beginners: Top trick (highest trick without missing)

1. Gareth     9 (5)
2. Emma       8 (7)
3. Emet       7 (0) <- Irish Champion
4. Peter      6 (2)
   Tony       6 (2)
6. Rosa       5 (4)
7. Mercedes   5 (2)
   Sean       5 (2)
9. Des        2 (1)

And we also have a few photos by The Void.

Thanks to everyone that played, to the great sponsors and to Dublin Circus Festival for hosting us.

See you next year!