Irish Kendama Open 2017 – Results

The Irish Kendama Open was held on April 8th on the Dublin Circus Project and it was a standalone event for the first time in its short history.

We had 5 players, 4 joining the Advanced division and one arriving late. Beginners division was empty.

You can see the highlights of the advanced division on the recap video:

  1. Mendo: IKO Champion & Irish Champion
  2. Graeme: Runner-up (former Irish Champion)
  3. Lucas
  4. Don

And since we had some extra prizes and time for the lack of a Beginner division we decided to run a Freestyle comp (7-to-spike) on where the 5 of them participated. Which means:

  1. Lucas: Freestyle Champion
  2. Graeme: Also runner-up

And that was it for this year IKO.

Thanks one more time to our sponsors, we couldn’t do it without them.

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