KenGriffin Battle II (Irish Cup)

Date and place

On June 24th, we are having the 2nd “Ken Griffin” Battle.

Starting at 14:00 until 17:00 near the Skatepark area at Father Collins Park in Clongriffin.

You can register for the KenGriffin Battle event in Facebook. It is free to attend and to join.

The park is Ireland’s first wind-powered and sustainable public park. It has won a number of awards such as The Sustainability Award 2010, Best Public Space 2010, and Best Public Park & Best Environmentally Friendly Initiative for 2010.

Getting there:

  • You can arrive by Dart, the park is a short walk from Clongriffin Dart Station.
  • You can also come by bus. Line 15 stops just at the front of the park
  • If you prefer to come by car, there is plenty of free parking space.

The Format

This time we are going for a Gloken Style game, we could say that it is the Kendama “Irish Cup”.

The cup has a list of 50 tricks, grouped on 5 levels, each level is meant to have tricks of similar difficulty (see the Tricks section).

The cup consists of 2 rounds.

Round 1

  • Each player pick 5 tricks from the list.
  • The player has 2 minutes to try to land those tricks.
  • Each trick landed gives the player as many points as the level.
  • Then the player has a second run of other 5 *different* tricks with another 2 minutes
    The highest score of the 2 runs is your score for round 1.

Note that your maximum possible score for round 1 is 25 points.

Top 4 players advance to the final round.

Final round

  • The player has 2 minutes to hit as many tricks as he or she wants.
  • Each trick scores as many points as the level squared. That is a level 5 trick is 25 points, a level 4 is 16, etc.
  • Score for round 2 is the total of points.

The final score of the player is the sum of round 1 and round 2.

The highest score wins.

The tricks

With much lack of imagination, we are going to use the same tricklist as the Gloken Cup 2017, but only the first 5 levels (they have 12 levels)

You can print this sheet with the 50 tricks for reference:

And if you want to see the tricks performed, check out the video playlist of the Gloken cup, which goes until level 12 (remember, we are using only levels 1 to 5)


There are some prizes sponsored by and Thanks! #SponsorsRock