KenGriffin Battle II – Recap

KenGriffin Battle II is on the books now, and as of now, for 2 years in a row we have had 2 official meetups / competitions, and it does not look like it’s going to stop. If anything, we are considering doing more.
We were lucky enough with great weather that lead to lots of fun for a very informal event in the park.
From 2pm to 3pm we held an informal game of KEN and some jamming while waiting for everyone to show up. We used the house rule that once a trick is set, you pass the kendamas to the right. It made it really fun with comments like, mm, this is a very sticky kendama, I should go for this tricks, or the opposite… how am I going to do juggles with such a short sting!! Actually, we didn’t even counted letters, just played for fun.

At 3pm, the grace period we agreed on for more people to show up ended, so we did the 1st round of the gloken-style cup. I easily landed 12 points, which looking at it backwards, could have been 14 or 15, but I wanted to play safe.

On that first run Daniel landed 14, Lucas 13,  Harry tied with me at 12 and Leo did 11 points.

The second run of first round was very intense, everyone pushed hard to get more points and most of us did not improve our score, only Daniel pushed it to 16 points.,We also established the tiebreaker between Harry and me. Leo tried hard but couldn’t improve the 11 points of the first round.

On the final round, After Harry tried too hard for level 4 tricks and scored 18 points, I did a whooping 45 points run, which made me very happy, landing 4 level 3 and the rest level 2 and level 1 fillers. I should have landed at least a couple more level 2s, but I think 57 would have been my best possible run, so, very happy with the result.

Lucas landed 65 points, and Daniel did an amazing  104 points, including 2 level 5 and 2

level 4.
To clean up, we got a few kids interested and they played a bit, some of them landing even spikes in just 15 minutes.

And yes, there were some prizes from the sponsors: and (You rock!)

All in all a fantastic day with lots of jamming.


1 – Daniel: 120 pts (16+104)
2 – Lucas: 78 pts (13+65)
3 – Raul: 57 pts (12+45)
4 – Harry: 30 pts (12+18)


Here you can see the final rounds