Project: Kendama Ireland Edit on 2015

This is the deal: We’ll make a Kendama Ireland Edit on 2015.

Update: the Kendama Ireland Edit 2015 is done.


A Kendama Edit made by us. With a clear Irish theme.

I want to have “at least” 10 players. If bad comes to worse and I don’t get enough submissions, I may invite some players from abroad.

Not sure about it, but I may even try to make it as a documentary. Ok, that is probably too ambitious, but I like to aim high.


Because we can.

Because it hasn’t been done yet.

Because Ireland deserves a better Kendama scene.

Can I join?

Short answer: YES!

  • If you play Kendama and live in Ireland, then there is no excuse for you.
  • If you play Kendama and happen to drop by in Ireland,  please record a video and sent it to me!
  • If you play Kendama and feel irish. You can also send something. But make sure your video looks Irish!